Don’t stay cooped up when Vernal has such easy access to nature!

Load up your backpack and put on your boots, because Vernal has some amazing hiking trails for you.  We put together a list of our favorites for different skill levels, so you can choose the one most appropriate to you.

Easy: Ouray National Wildlife Refuge Trail

This is a simple 1.7 mile trail through Ouray National Wildlife Refuge that’s dog-friendly and great if kids will be hiking with you.  There’s a good chance you’ll see some wildlife, particularly birds, which make it more interesting.  There are several potential variations of the trail, in case you want it to be a bit longer, or want to see something new, but the main trail is always a good bet.  With plenty of shade, it’s an easy hike, and shouldn’t take more than an hour.

Easy: Moonshine Arch

This 2.9 mile trail is also rated easy, but is a bit longer than the previous.  It’s another good trail for bird-watching, and is beautiful, particularly when the wildflowers are in bloom.  It can be very hot in summer, so bring extra water and sun protection, but the view is worth it.

Moderate: Sound Of Silence Trail

Another 2.9 mile trail, this one’s a bit more difficult as there’s some upward sections of the trail.  It’s generally pretty quiet, so if you’re in a contemplative mood, this is definitely the trail you want.  It’s a great place for meditating, reflecting, or just escaping stress.

Moderate: Got Milk And Cookies Loop

Got Milk And Cookies Loop is an oddly named 6 mile trail that is great for hiking or biking.  There’s not a lot of shade, so gear up accordingly, but it’s an easy to follow and beautiful trail.

Hard: Whiterocks Trail by Fox Lake

17.7 miles of trail leading you past Fox Lake with some serious ups and downs to navigate.  This definitely isn’t a trail for beginners – even experienced hikers will have a challenge.  Bring lots of water, because there isn’t much shade, but the view from the top is hard to beat.  If you’re looking to spend a day hiking, this is a great trail – bring a picnic and take a midday break!

Hard: King’s Peak Henry’s Fork Trail

If you can handle it, this hike is worth the time and effort.  Kings Peak is the highest mountain in Utah, and when you reach the top, there’s simply nothing like it.  Be prepared to climb boulders, hike along cliffs, and cover 27 miles of ground.

Vernal offers some amazing hiking and the best views of nature in Utah, so make sure you take advantage while you’re in town!